Goodbye for now…

Sorry folks, Rentbot, Workbot and Lagbot are now offline. This suite of chatbots was part of a research project made possible with the generous funding of the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation. We learned a lot about how AI can improve access to justice and address unmet legal need, and provided assistance to over 60,000 Kiwis, providing over 200,000 legal answers.

Watch this short slideshow to learn about the key insights gleaned over Citizen AI's three years of operation, and some suggestions for next steps for anyone wanting to improve access to justice using online technology.

If you'd like to support the continuation of any of the chatbots,  contact Community Law Wellington & Hutt Valley. If you're contemplating a similar project and want to talk to the chatbots' creators, email

Rentbot, released in December 2018, was a chatbot that answers questions about renter's tenancy problems in plain English.

Workbot went live January 2020 and answers questions about problems at work. Workbot also helped people assess common employment scenarios and write complaint letters.

Lagbot, released September 2020, was a chatbot that helped friends and whānau of prisoners know the rights of their loved ones.