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What We’ve Learned Sleeping with Google: improving access to justice through search engine optimisation

We discuss some of what we've learned about search engine optimisation as it relates to online legal information on Roger Smith's 'Law, Technology and Access to Justice' site

InternetNZ: Swift Support Offered to Essential Services

In response to COVID-19, InternetNZ has offered support grants to essential services. Citizen AI is one of the recipients, along with Blind Low Vision Foundation and Skylight Trust.

New Zealand Law Society: Chatbot To Help Workers Released

Community Law Centres o Aotearoa in partnership with Citizen AI has this week released a new chatbot for people having problems at work. Workbot provides information about your rights and responsibilities as an employee…

Spinoff article: The Facebook chatbot here to solve your renting woes

Don Rowe‍ from The Spinoff spoke with Citizen AI's Joshua Barlow about Rentbot

Guest Top 10 at 10 on gave Citizen AI its Top 10 at 10 slot for a day. We cover the geopolitics of AI, some historical context and attempt to puncture some 'digital human' hype

Meet Rentbot, the chatbot that can help with tenancy law

Sara Barker at FutureFive, consumer technology news site, profiles Rentbot

Citizen AI founders interviewed on Radio NZ's 9 to Noon show

Kathryn Ryan talked with Geoffrey and Matthew about their access to justice projects and plans